Arial Services

State of The Art UAV

UAV Tower Innovations Inc. uses state of the art UAVs and imaging systems to capture high definition images and video.

The UAV we use can fly in almost any weather condition, rain, snow and 65km winds sustained and up to 90km gusts.

Benefits of UAV Technology

  • Fast deployment
  • Time efficient
  • Cost savings (when gathering important image information)
  • Reducing risk to people and property (in situations that would otherwise be difficult, dangerous or inaccessible)

Why the UAV industry is getting so popular

  • UAV's can get closer by flying at a lower altitude.
  • UAV's can take off and land from just about anywhere.
  • UAV's are more cost effective then a full sized manned aircraft such as a plane or helicopter.
  • UAV's can carry top of the line 4K cameras.
  • UAV's can provide important information such as 3D maps and thermal images.

Professional Aerial Services

UAV Tower Innovations Inc. is available to discuss your requirements for UAV data collection anytime. One question I get asked all the time is: "Is it legal to fly UAV's for profit". The answer is "Yes" however it is only legal if you have the proper  insurance and an SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) from Transport Canada for every time you fly, even for testing purposes.

Transport Canada has clear and concise regulations designed to protect both the public and UAV operator. Anyone can fly UAV's in designated areas for fun but any sort of profit will require both insurance and SFOC. The normal wait times for an SFOC is 3-5 weeks but UAV Tower Innovations Inc. is proud to hold an ongoing SFOC that allows us to fly in Ontario with no wait time. 

This comes from years of experience and a zero incident record. If you are buying a UAV expecting to make money by taking any kind of aerial photography without an SFOC you will be violating Transport Canada's regulations and can be fined.

Certifications & Insurance

  • Aeronautical training and certification to Transport Canada standards
  • Commercial UAV Training Certification 
  • Restricted Operator Aeronautical Radio License (ROC-A) issued by Industry Canada 

I have been in the Telecommunications Industry for over 28 years.

My company holds a Compliant SFOC (Special Flight Operations Certificate) from Transport Canada, which enables us to fly anywhere in Canada with same day notice.

We carry 5 million dollars liability insurance.

Please contact me today for more information.

Aggregates, Mines and Quarries

Whether you need construction progress photography, stockpile volumes or a topographic survey we can provide a cost-effective solution for major construction projects, infrastructure projects, quarries, mines and landfill sites. All using our Aeryon Skyranger UAV platform. We provide highly-detailed digital elevation models (DEM) with high-resolution photography to enable improved decision making. In a sector where safety, quality and cost are key factors, you can be sure that UAV Tower Innovations Inc. will deliver.

Using a UAV is the fastest, most accurate and easiest way to measure stockpile volumes and blast volumes, track site changes over time, track wall cracks, erosion and rock falls from a distance, monitor grades and slopes, less time spent in hazardous areas, track the movement of raw materials, reduce your time spent doing visual checking and overall better site management. 

All the data is processed in our office with the Pix4D software, once processing has been completed it only takes minutes to measure each pile, calculate material in a quarry or any of your needs. Instead of spending days walking the piles and spending thousands of dollars you can now fly these piles safely and in just minutes. We can give you accurate measurements of inventory to ensure you never have excessive losses or discrepancies at year end.

We can create:
  • Digital Ortho-mosaic photos
  • Contour maps
  • Digital terrain/elevation/surface models
  • Point clouds


Survey and Track construction projects as they progress on a daily or weekly basis to generate maps, 2D and 3D models. This is all done without disrupting your operations. DEM and DSM's are valuable tools for internal progress reporting, boundary and topographic surveying and volume calculations. All of this will keep projects on schedule and under budget.

Commercial or Residential Property Imaging

Show potential buyers the entire property and surrounding assets and features in one image.

Asset and Plant Inspections

UAV's allow for detailed imaging - high resolution visual and thermal inspections, completed without disrupting operations. Examples of these inspections are Routine Plant inspections, Building and roof inspections, Power-line inspections, conveyor inspections, pipeline inspections, slope stability monitoring, tower and chimney inspections, Wind Turbine inspections, Dam wall inspections, bridge inspections and so on.


UAV's can scan large areas of crops to detect pests, soil differences, canopy and irrigation non-uniformities. From crop yield management and monitoring to sustained land use mapping, erosion management and farm planning. UAV's are an effective and efficient monitoring tool that provides real time visual information. UAV's can complete new or routine pre-planned flights to check geographical areas.

Emergency Services

Gather valuable imagery from an elevated perspective providing real time images to assist ground teams search and rescue operations. Remove the risk to personnel by using UAV's in the event of a fire, explosion, chemical spill or similar crisis. A UAV can capture live video from inside the hazardous area and possibly even detect other dangerous situations. 



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